Offset Motion Design Studio

Motion Graphics | Animation | Visual Effects

We are a boutique Motion Graphics Design Studio that produces cutting-edge works. We pride ourselves in creating powerful and stunning stories that stimulate both visually and emotionally.

Motion Graphics Studio in Singapore

We at Offset are a boutique Motion Graphics design studio that specialises in creating impactful work that puts across your story in the best possible way. We constantly strive to create an impression on valued audiences and bond with them over creative illustrations. Be it videos, short films or advertisements, our repertoire includes a wide-ranging technical body of work, which is quality-oriented and always cutting edge.

Animation Studio in Singapore

We have everything that it takes to create what you need for marketing or branding your particular company. Being a top-notch motion graphics company in Singapore, our designers have what it takes to deliver what you require and go the extra mile to inspire audiences. We always work in tandem to create visual images and animated works that strike a chord with those who come in contact with them.

Motion Design Studio in Singapore

You can count on us to provide you with top-notch design, illustration as well as motion graphics. We focus on creating concepts as well as visuals; hence devote a considerable amount of time to conceptualising too, when we’re not going about creating visual pieces. Our ideas are cleverly incorporated into our visual solutions, which cleverly explore new ideas and approaches.